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Playing around on the blurred boundaries between dance and theatre, Melanie Munt diverts reality. Her dance with the strange is a game and her game is dance, fast and generous. The company’s creations reflect an optimistic questioning, an opening up toward other paths and forms. Absorbed into the perpetual research of space and into listening to sensations, Melanie Munt shares her energy with the audience. Her strength of expression, her precise body language, sometimes caricatural or even comic, awakes in us the curiosity of a new point of view. Her choreographies are pondered, they illustrate soft habits or explore worlds out of their context, creating an amalgam of the private, where each muscle tension becomes palpable.”  

Sébastien Noulet, journalist


Melanie Munt follows her dance education in Berlin (Die Etage), Rotterdam (Rotterdamse Dansacademie), New York (Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance) and Brussels (P.A.R.T.S., Performing Arts and Research Studios), supported by various scholarships (Vienna, New York).
Since 1999, she works in Belgium with choreographers such as Michèle Noiret, Joanne Leighton, David Hernandez, Bud Blumenthal,… and participates in repertory of, a.o., Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, William Forsythe.
In 2002 the dance company Michèle Noiret produces Melanie Munt’s first own choreographic work: the solo Gerückt. She than creates her own company which has by now a repertory of about 14 pieces.
Her curiosity to other art forms influences her work and leads to various collaborations, such as the marionette artist Cyril Bourgois, the visual artist Charley Case, the trumpet player Marco Blaauw, the video artist Martijn Grootendorst and the composer Yannis Kyriakides. Her involvement with the video artist Antonin De Bemels results in various films, installations and performances (Peau Pierre, Light Body Corpuscules, Polyscopic Noise, Se fondre…). Her work is shown mostly in Brussels and Paris, but recently opening up internationally (NL, D, CH, ES, PL, HR).